What’s next ?

It’s been a while!
So what is up???

In April, when we learned our friend Lisa came in France to mate her boy Nando with Lisa’s dream dog Banshee (from our Friend Vent Gris), we took our friend Eljyenka by the neckband, jumped in our loyal kangoo, and drove 5h to meet them all and spend a nice week end together!
It was nice to finally see each other irl after years of online chat.

We wish them Healthy and wonderful puppies!

More than just meeting friends, Nox has been accepted as a Classic Lupine foundation dog!
We are now fully part of the World Of Lupine Foundation (W.O.L.F.) adventure! (Also as graphist :P)
Lumos already is a foundation stud since a couple of years now, and having Nox as a breeding bitch for the W.O.L.F. was something important for us as their vision of the Wolfdog is way more close to ours : (health and) temperament selection above numbers (and humans little wars).
If everything goes well, one or more puppie(s) will be able to be Tamaskan outcrosses in the future, with a completely new line added by the future dad.

So, yeah!
We will probably have our next, and first Lupine dog litter soon!
Follow this new adventure on Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook page, and hopefully here as well, if I have enough time to do everything!

Also, and because we are never too careful with health, we are currently testing more diseases for Nox. Her ovulation is expected to be somewhere around the beginning of June.

We do not accept puppies applications for the moment.
Waiting list will be open when pregnancy is confirmed 🙂

Thanks for following our adventures guys!
And thanks so much to my friends for their amazing pictures!

Pics by Vent Gris