Hi! Here we are humans, 3 dogs, 5 cats, 3 horses, and way too much chickens in the garden.
We all live in Normandie – France, and after the life in Paris and Vincennes, we now enjoy to be far from everything, in the calm country.

Sculptor/graphic designer/illustrator/video maker…. and work at home. Also enjoy photography and many other hobbies. Favorite color is the blue, and kind of what you can call a nerd, obviously… a Potterhead.

Obviously choose the name “Furry Road ” because of the movie Mad Max – Fury Road.
And all of my pets have nerdy names. Just couldn’t give a “regular pet” name to my pets, doesn’t make sens to me.

Always been in love with animals. Especially cats. Actually writing this text with kenway on my lap.

We believe in Positive reinforcement for our pets, and if we had a lot of persons leading us in a wrong path, we believe we now found a good vision of pet training.

Also believe in breeders. By breeders, I mean GOOD breeders. Those breeders that will work with their pups, that will select the good dogs to breed together, that will care about health, genetics and temperament most of all. The interest of building something good for the future of a line, and not for the money or even the collection. That’s why we’ll try to do our best with the puppies we will raise for, well, maybe you! Who are reading me right now : )

I will work using the Puppy Culture program, and insure that the puppies have the best start in life.

I am a BARF/Raw Feeding enthusiastic, I believe that it’s the best way to feed your dog and cats (and other carnivore pets)

You’re always welcome to visit us, and if you need any informations, just send me a message! I’ll be happy to answer to your questions!