Feeding is a very important part in owning an animal, whatever the dog, whatever the species.

What is the dog? What is he supposed to eat?

The dog is a carnivore with omnivorous tendencies, yes it’s true. But, even if now the dog is domesticated, he stays a true carnivorous, despite all the industrial food “experts” wants you to believe.

The dog has four kinds of teeth intended for cutting and grinding raw flesh. As in cats, chewing remains summary, its main role is to crush the bones. And unlike the herbivorous, their digestive system is way shorter than the omnivorous or the herbivorous.

That is why you need to give proper food to your dog.
Kibbles, even grain free, are not the best alimentation for your pet. It’s like giving the same can raviolis food to your children every-day.

Wolfdogs have more sensitive digestive systems and kibbles often don’t suit them at all. For exemple, Lumos didn’t make a good poop, until we switch from kibbles to BARF. Day and night! If you switch from kibbles to raw/BARF, you’ll probably see a good improvement on your dog health AND look.

This is why I advise anyone asking me about dog diet to switch to BARF (or raw prey model).

What is BARF?

BARF stends for « Biologically Appropriate Raw Food ». It’s basically recreating the most natural diet possible for your dog/cat…

It’s indeed more organisation, some extra space, but not necessarily more money. High quality kibbles cost often a lot of money. If you ask your butcher, he will probably have some good pieces of meat he was going to put in the garbage to give you.

If you’re interested, you will find websites and facebook groups about this kind of diet.