. Unn x Lumos .

Great news!
Lumos will be a daddy once more!
He was lucky enough to meet Unn this week for her third and last litter. And it may be the last one for Lumos as well.

We met Unn and her owners 2 weeks ago, to see if she and Lumos would be a good match. She’a. very calm dog, listening, and outgoing toward humans. she gave me cuddles even if she didn’t know me very well (I met her last year when I went to see her puppies).

I believe Lumos and Unn puppies will be also outgoing toward humans, very sociable, and not shy.

Pregnancy confirmation in about a month from now!
If you are interested in a puppy, please don’t hesitate to contact me or Muriel on her page Mulion’s Tamaskan

** Please note that puppies should be around 20% wolf content, but Lumos showed in the past that he could gave lot of wolf, so it can be more (or less). **
Located in Normandie – France