By my deeds I honor HIM V8

The 11th of March, work started for Nox.
At 21h31, one first precious girl appeared…

Please meet Nox and Ninja‘s 8 wonderful shiny & Chrome puppies :

⇸ War Rig (Dark Blue) ♀︎
⇸ Nux Car (Royal Blue) ♀︎
⇸ Plymouth Rock (Dark Green) ♀︎
⇸ Prince Valiant (Green) ♂︎
⇸ Doof Wagon (Mint) ♀︎
⇸ Cranky Frank (Sky Blue) ♂︎
⇸ Interceptor (Grey) ♀︎
⇸ Elvis (Yellow) ♂︎

Unfortunately, a 9th puppy we named Imperator Furiosa/PeaceMaker died in utero.
May she ride eternal on the Fury Road. Witness her!

”By my deeds I honor him, V8”

Imperator Furiosa/PeaceMaker