Ninja Vom wolfstore

This week end, we had the great chance to have Michael, Ninja and Eljyenka at home.

Lumos and Nävis were on holidays at the beach, so we had the house and the garden just for us and our guests.

They arrived in late in the evening, and Nox was very surprised to see a dog she didn’t know through the window of the door. I let her going outside to meet Ninja
They liked each other right away, playing and running everywhere like crazy puppies.

The next morning, they were so happy to be reunited, as Ninja slept obviously with his owner. It was a pleasure to observe them bonding, kissing, playing, and sniffing around together, sometimes Ninja trying to win Nox’ attention, and vice versa.

The day after, our guests had to take the road and go back home. Ninja didn’t want to jump in the car, knowing that he was leaving Nox, while I could hear Nox howling from the house. How heartbreaking… They both miss each other so much… I hope we will go meet them very soon in Switzerland !

Thank you Michael and Ninja for your visit ♥

Michael Goeller – Ninja Vom Wolfstore, Eljyenka- Whitepawth, and Nyodenyo – Furry Road
pics mixed (more to come)