is it happening?

Nox heats are here since few weeks now (yes she apparently likes to trick us each spring now?). Lumos got REALLY excited since 2 days, so yesterday we went to the vet for a progesterone test.
Observing Lumos makes the vet appointement almost useless to be honest, he’s a VERY good ovulation tracker. Based on his behaviour, I said, Ok, sure, today she’s around 8, 9/10 MAX… Turns out she was at 8,3 yesterday afternoon 🤣

So we immediately let Wilding’s owner know about it, book the train tickets for them, and they should arrive tonight, which is perfect according to Nox results.
Nox showed very good signs or wanting to mate with 2 different males in their garden during our walks (tail on the side, contracting the vulva…) . Hopefully she will be ok for natural mounts (at least one) because it’s hard for her to let other dogs around her back/tail area.

So please! Cross everything, and touch wood for us 💙