Let them have a voice

Please excuse the lack of news here, I completely forgot to post about what happened last year, so I will just copy and past my instagram post, and add more informations under it.

“What is it to be a breeder, if not respecting your dog, and by extension, respecting your dog’s choices?

As a breeder, we make choices for our dogs. A lot of them.
Ethical choices of course 🙂 , making ALL the health tests/behavior/physical conformation…
First, you do your best to choose the right breeding partner for your dog to produce healthy puppies who will be well in their paws.
Then, you learn and choose the best way to help your dog to raise the pups, offering them best start in life possible.
And finally YOU choose families that will deal with the puppies lives, when they are ‘’ ready ‘’ to go away from their mother.

But when do you actually ask for your dog, your pet, your best friend’s opinion?
Were the dogs eager to meet and breed?
Was the bitch thrilled with her role of mother?
Was the mother even ready to see her puppies go away from her? As tired as she can be as a mum of many children?
Those questions deserve to be considered sometimes.…

Indeed, there won’t be puppies at Furry Road this year again, unfortunately.

Yes, we did choose a wonderful boy, calm, listening, chill with kids, not afraid of humans, even when he goes to crowded places, on a boat, in a mountain cabin in the air, in the train, near planes… very chill crossing other dogs… perfect boy, really.
Yes, we watched her heat cycle closely and made the blood tests.
Yes, we did 30+h of driving to meet the stud and his family.

And yet… She said no.
As perfect the male we choose for her is, a no, is a no. All we have to do is respecting her choice.

We tried to understand, maybe we arrived too late. Maybe was she afraid of the mount. Maybe she doesn’t want puppies anymore, that’s also a possibility. Or maybe, that wasn’t for this time. Who knows?
She said no, and that’s it, and we are happy we respected Nox decision.

We are very grateful for the male’s owners hospitality, their friendship, for the amazing walks together and more. Thanks so much!
Also Thanks to the people who were expecting this litter a lot and have been so supportive even if it does not occur this time.

And maybe the most important thing
Don’t hold your female when she says no to a male… Please don’t “

So after that text was posted, it happened that, exactly 60 days after the “no-mating”, Nox did a Phantom/Psychological pregnancy, she even did a bit of milk.

My dear friend Ylenia (Del Bardial Tamaskans) told us that it kinda confirmed that Nox didn’t want a natural mount, but was ok to have puppies, and her body was prepared for it.
So we will try another time with the same boy, but this time, without the 15h driving, and in a better timing (poor Nox, it was very stressful, and probably too late). and if she is still too afraid for a natural mount (she actually does not allow any dog to even sniff her butt to take informations, even those she loves, she has probably been too much traumatised by her experiences in Vincennes and others) we will probably attempt an AI.
The male will be with us, so sperm will be fresh whatever happens.

Is it stressful? yes it is.
If you’re interested in a puppy from us, you’re more than welcome to come talk to us about it 🙂